Eave Hooks

Ral8004   Ral8004

CODE: CK02 - 600 Pcs

Eaves tile hooks are used to secure the traditional overlapping style tiles at the bottom edge of the roof. The nose portion of these fasteners holds the butt end of the roof tile while the pre-punched portion is nailed through the holes into the undertile sheets. Using the eave hooks prevents fractures or breaks of the clay tile because the nailing is away from the brittle clay tile. Installing these hooks every third or fourth course of the roof tiles prevents the tile hooks at eaves from overloading.

  • Fixing material suitable for front side of overlapping roof tiles, barrel tiles,Ottoman tiles (Alla Turca)
  • 440mm , 490mm
  • tile red with electrostatic paint
  • also known as ''eave tile hooks, eave tile locks''
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